Blss Shirts are distinctive. We would like to explain why.


Our shirts are made with care. You'll see this in subtle details: the cross stitch buttons, the very fine stitching and the contrasting fabrics as well as our attention to accessory details.


Blss shirts have a comfortable fit. While designing our shirts we pay a lot of attention to a bodyfit fit. For example, the shape is nicely processed and the sleeves are naturally closed around the arms.


Blss stands for quality. In Italy, we select high-quality fabrics (100% cotton, often with stretch) and unique designs. As we have the full process, from production to delivery, in-house, we can guarantee the highest quality of our products for a fair price.


We think shirts of Blss may be striking. And that also applies to the packaging. For the retailer we have designed special mobile display units of wood, with hard cardboard boxes and a foot of steal. The boxes have the same designs as our shirts and can be exchanged for each new collection. This way our Blss shirts create a new look in the store, reason for customers to visit again.